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I use the top rated AcountantsWorld Payroll for QuickBooks clients. I recently posted this to a QuickBooks forum concerning the Internal Revenue EFTPS direct payment system:,

I used EFTPS, and the corresponding Florida system, for around a year, for about 15 companies. It was FAR too much of a pain, wasting FAR too much time. Some of this related to Florida unemployment tax insanity, with separate databases for returns filed manually and with the Florida online filing and payment system.

I now use 10dollarpayroll (from Accountant Relief) for all clients. It is really $10/month + $25 per quarter, but 10dollarpayroll through me is $10 a month total. This is ridiculously less than Intuit or other competitors charge. However, can you imagine you or your clients doing payroll by web, email, fax or phone, as you wish? Can you imagine sending information for many clients, with one email, to flexible and intelligent personnel, without repeatedly authorizing each check, payment and tax form? Can you also imagine this with a fast QuickBooks download?

Most informed accountants know that Account Relief gets consistently higher ratings than Intuit payroll. 10dollarPayroll, and my RingCentral and GFI consultants, give added experience and clout for very little money.


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