$10,000 IRS Refund, only $3,000 withheld

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I cannot get everyone a $10,000 IRS refund, with only $3,000 withheld, though I did that on my first tax return this year. However, I often get clients unusually large refunds, due to my very unusual optimizing.

Do you or your tax return preparer know that you need not claim all or part of legitimate deductions?

Not claiming some deductions often cuts tax, increases refunds and cuts the odds of an IRS tax audit, but only if you know exactly when to stop.

Do you or your tax preparer always consider if claiming income or deductions, in earlier or later years, can save more tax?

I have done this in many legal ways, for many years. These are only a few of the ways in which I keep testing returns, to make sure I get the lowest possible tax.

Do you want a tax preparer who feels that each dollar of tax you pay hurts him more than it hurts you?

If you want your tax preparer to be a tax fighter, who costs no more, please contact me now..

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